Numerology: Pythagorean vs Chaldean
November 26, 2015

Astrology and Numerology

I am often asked about connection between astrology and numerology. It is often assumed that since number 1 and the sign of Aries have a lot in common then other numbers should be easily associated with the signs of the zodiac too. This, however, doesn’t work, in my opinion.

Yes, Aries is very much like number 1, but when it comes to number 2, it combines some qualities of the second sign, Taurus (like skilfulness in managing resources), with some qualities of the seventh sign, Libra (like emphasis on relationships), so there is no obvious match. And when it comes to number 3, its creativity and child-like image are closer to the symbolism of the 5th sign, Leo, than that of the 3rd sign, Gemini. On the other hand, number 5 is so versatile and changeable that it is quite similar to Gemini, and very dissimilar to fixed Leo.

Even some well known numerologists, like Hans Decoz, are prone to cutting corners and making links between astrology and numerology where they don’t exist. In particular, in his interpretations of number 6 Decoz makes an emphasis on service, an attribute of the 6th house. I disagree with this because 6 is a number that has strong associations with love and beauty, not service. Number 6 is very powerful, it can create a family from a group of strangers. One of the most important symbols of humanity, the Star of David, has six rays.

So do astrology and numerology have any connections at all?

There is a popular idea that our world is akin to a hologram. A hologram can be viewed from different angles, and it will look differently, while staying the same hologram. For me, astrology and numerology offer an opportunity to view the hologram of the world from different angles. They are telling the same story but in their own ways, using different words, and somewhat different ideas. It can be quite fascinating to see how the same person can be described by astrology and by numerology.

For example, my Sun is in Aries, and both the Sun and Aries are associated with number 1. So it is no surprise then that my birthday number is 1. On the other hand, my life path is 4 (or 22, depending on how you calculate it), and I believe this resonates very well with the fact that my strongest planet is Saturn in Capricorn. Strong Saturn, in my opinion, is very much like number 4.

My wife has quite a few of 7s in her numerological profile, and she also has a number of planets in Scorpio. If you ask me, I’ll say that Scorpio combines the energies of 7 and 8. 7 is its analytical, detective side while 8 is its business side and the talent to influence other people.

So, as you see, there is no direct match between the main astrological and numerological principles but there is definitely some meaningful connection between them. As a result of this connection, when you compare the astrological and the numerological profiles of a person, they usually match quite well.

One major difference between astrology and numerology is in the complexity, in the amount of effort you need to spend to figure out something. Astrology used to be very technically complex, once you go beyond the level of “star signs”. It was especially time and effort consuming in the years before personal computers became widely available. We had to use the books of ephemeris, the tables of houses, we needed to know the latitude and the longitude of the place of birth and how to calculate the local sidereal time for it. These days, it only takes a few seconds to calculate a chart using an astrological software, but still, once the chart is ready, you need to somehow make sense of all those planets, and signs, and houses, and aspects, and maybe also midpoints, and perhaps a few asteroids, and so on, depending on your training and personal preferences.

Even if you prefer to stay at the level of “star sign” (which is actually the Sun Sign), you need to remember the dates when the Sun transitions from one sign to another. And did you know that those dates aren’t cast in stone, they can change year after year? I have an article on one of my websites explaining what kind of complexity can arise here.

But of course, for all these efforts astrology rewards us with the depth of insight. Potentially, you can discover with it the most complex features of one’s personality and predict events with an hour or perhaps even a minute precision. You just need to spend a few years learning the rules and practising, practising, practising.

On the other hand, numerology is very generous. You can learn a lot about a person doing some very simple calculations. Even if you are uncomfortable with simple math, you can use one of freely available numerology calculators, like this one. We are also going to offer free downloadable worksheets to simplify your calculations. You don’t need expensive software, you don’t need to know astronomy. And instead of a few years, you can learn the foundations of numerology in a few weeks.

Numerology is rewarding. For that little effort you spend learning it, you can get a great insight into the person’s motivations, and priorities, and character, and behaviour. You don’t need to know the time of birth (so many people don’t know it!). You don’t need to know the precise latitude and longitude of the birth place. In most cases, you don’t even care about the birth place. Arguably, you can’t go as deep with numerology as you can with astrology, but then, very few people actually go that deep. What we usually need is 20% of information that is useful 80% of the time. And that’s exactly what numerology offers to us.

So here is my call to action: let’s learn numerology, let’s practise it, and let’s share our findings. This is the purpose for which I created this website, and this is the theme of my books: DIY Numerology. If you are an experienced numerologist, please challenge my opinions, I welcome that! If you are a complete beginner, please join me! I am an eternal student, so I always feel myself as a complete beginner, no matter how many years I spent with a subject. Do not ever hesitate to ask me a question. I might not answer immediately as my life is quite hectic right now, but I do aim to devote more and more of my time to numerology, and therefore to communicating with you.

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